4 essential plugins to improve GIMP

The open source project focused on photo retouching GIMP , is one of the best known programs of its kind in the world. In fact, for many users, this software solution is one of the most direct competitors for the popular Adobe Photoshop.

Among the many reasons for all this, we can highlight the enormous functionality that this application offers us when working with our images. In addition, it has been developed in such a way that it will be extremely useful for both novice users and professionals. All this without having to pay a single euro, unlike what happens with the aforementioned Adobe application.

Being an open source project , there are many who participate in it, which benefits the needs of all its users. In this way, those who are looking for a program powerful enough to retouch their photos, but at the same time affordable, GIMP find the perfect solution

When is GIMP version 3.0 coming ?

But with everything and with it, as is usual in many other programs, some of its users want to go one step further . Specifically, we are referring to the possibility of making the most of the application with which they work, over and above the default features. This is something that in most cases can be solved through extensions or add-ons that are installed in the application. This is a possibility that the aforementioned GIMP retouching program , as we will see below.

Photo RAW and GIMP

Precisely for this reason, along the same lines, we are going to talk about a series of accessories that will be very helpful when using the photo editor.

GIMP plugins that will help you when editing photos

It is worth mentioning that these add-ons that we are talking about add some additional features that are not found in the application by default. In addition, it is important to know that we can also install and use them for free.

RawTherapee : In the event that we normally work with images in RAW format, it is more than likely that this plugin will be very useful to us. Actually, we find a RAW image processor that has functions such as tone mapping and work with high dynamic range or HDR. All we have to do is open the editing program as such and load a photo in this format for the plugin to work.

Resynthesizer : On the other hand, another additional element that we can add to GIMP will also be very useful. Here we find one of the program’s best-known and veteran add-ons that allows us to remove objects from images easily This is something you achieve by guessing the leftover part of the image and effectively filling it in.

BIMP : this is another plugin that we can add to the photo editor and that has a priority objective. It is none other than allowing us to work with the images in the application, but in a massive way, that is, in batches . As you can imagine, all this will allow us to save a lot of time when working with a good number of photos here.

Hugin : It may also be the case that we want to add other useful functionality to GIMP. Specifically, we are referring to the possibility of creating a panoramic image from several photographs that we load into the program. It must be said that we achieve this in a simple way thanks to the complement called Hugin that we can install for free. How could it be otherwise, this adds everything necessary for us to obtain apparent results in the process.

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