Alpine Linux 3.16.0 Available to Download

Alpine Linux 3.16.0 Available to Download

Alpine Linux 3.16.0 Available to Download, Alpine Linux is a minimalist distribution built on top of Busybox and musl instead of glibc. It forms the basis of many Docker images and also serves as a basis for the mobile operating system postmarketOS. Alpine foregoes systemd in favor of OpenRC for the sake of simplicity.

Plasma and GNOME updated

released Alpine Linux 3.16.0 has just been and comes with kernel 5.15 LTS. The new version offers better support for NVMe and introduces GNOME 42 and KDE Plasma 5.24 LTS. Matching this there is KDE Applications 22.04 and KDE Frameworks 5.93. Plasma Mobile Gear has also been upgraded to v22.04.

php 8.0 and 8.1 are shipped while php 7 has been removed. Python is updated to v3.10. Python 2 also removed. Qemu 7 is on board as well as Sway 1.7 and Rust 1.60. Since musl does not provide utmp , packages like busybox, dropbear, openssh and util-linux have been built with utmps. The previously bundled NetworkManager plugins for WLAN, ADSL, Mobile Broadband, Bluetooth, PPP and Open vSwitch have been moved to their own packages and must be installed manually with Alpine 3.16.0 if required.

doas anstatt sudo

sudo is a fat chunk for a minimal distribution like Alpine, so the developers have decided doas as an alternative going forward. To do this, sudo been moved to the community repository, which means that only the last stable release branch will receive security updates in the future. For users whose muscle memory still sudo prefers doas-sudo-shim is provided.

The icu (International Components for Unicode) package has been divided into icu-data-full and icu-en , so that the package size for users with EN language settings is only 2.6 MB instead of almost 30 MB. Previously, /tmp part of the root file system and was cleaned at boot time via the bootmisc openrc service . In v3.16.0 new installations will mount /tmp as tmpfs . The new version also supports a modular zshrc and offers support for ZSH plugins.

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