Audacity 3.1 Sound Editor Released

Audacity 3.1 Sound Editor Released

The release of the free sound editor Audacity 3.1 has been published , which provides tools for editing sound files (Ogg Vorbis, FLAC, MP3 and WAV), recording and digitizing sound, changing the parameters of the sound file, overlaying tracks and applying effects (for example, noise suppression, changing the tempo and tone ). Audacity code is distributed under the GPL license, binaries are available for Linux, Windows and macOS.

Audacity 3.1 was the first significant release to be formed after the project was taken over by the Muse Group. In preparing the new release, the main focus was on simplifying the audio editing operation. 

Major improvements and change logs in Audacity 3.1 :

  • Added clip control “knobs” that allow moving audio clips in a project without switching to a special mode when hovering over the title in free form.
  • The functionality of “smart clips” has been implemented for non-destructive trimming of clips. The function allows you to trim a clip by pulling the indicator that appears when you hover the cursor over the vertical border of the clip, after which you can return to the original uncut version at any time by simply dragging the edge back, without using the undo button and undoing other changes made after trimming. Information about the trimmed parts of the clip is also saved when copying and pasting.
  • Added a new interface for looping playback. A special button has been added to the panel, when pressed, you can immediately select the beginning and end of the loop on the timeline, as well as move the looping area.
  • Additional context menus have been added to the interface.
  • Default settings changed. When you delete a clip, other clips on the same track now stay in place and do not move. The parameters of the spectrogram have been changed (the Mel scaling method is activated, the frequency border has been increased from 8000 to 20000 Hz, the window size has been increased from 1024 to 2048). Changing the volume in the program no longer affects the system volume level.
  • In the Raw Import dialog, the parameters selected by the user are saved.
  • Added a button for automatic format detection.
  • Added support for logging actions (disabled by default).
  • Added the ability to generate triangular waves.

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