Bottles developers join the GNOME Foundation

Bottles, the application that allows you to create and manage Wine environments, has been gaining popularity in recent times thanks to the fact that it is easy to use and offers many possibilities. Bottles’ prominence has ended with its developers making the decision to officially become part of the GNOME Foundation.

The membership of the Bottles developers within GNOME will allow them, as explained by the corresponding website of the foundation behind the environment, “to run for the election of the Board of Directors, to vote in the elections for the Board of Directors and to suggest referendums. The membership process is supervised by the Membership and Elections Committee”.

It seems that those responsible for the Wine environment manager are determined to be an active part of GNOME, because together with their membership in the foundation they have also started the process for Bottles to become one of the applications of the GNOME Circles (or GNOME Circle) .

For those who are lost, GNOME Circle is the initiative launched two years ago to expand the number of libraries and applications that are under the umbrella of the project behind the desktop environment. For this, greater flexibility has been offered when it comes to hosting the associated applications and developers are allowed to get off the intense official release schedule. The intention is to make a friendlier environment available for those who are interested in being part of GNOME, although that does not mean that there are no rules and requirements to comply with.

Bottles developers join the GNOME Foundation

A Bottles window.

The project behind the Wine environment manager began to make a move to join the GNOME Circle after its intervention at the Linux App Summit 2022, for which they are making changes to the application interface so that it conforms to the design lines of GNOME.

Bottles’ interest in being part of GNOME may stem from its involvement with Flatpak, the universal package format that has become the strategy of desktop environment makers’. This is reflected in GNOME Circle, which has among its requirements the publication of the application in at least Flatpak format.

We leave you with the part of the Linux App Summit 2022 conference in which Pietro di Caprio, one of the most prominent people within Bottles, has participated.

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