Can I install Word and Excel on the Raspberry Pi?

Depending on the needs of each case, normally we either buy a more powerful PC, or we prioritize its cost. We have countless configurations to choose from, including building our own Raspberry Pi .

Perhaps many of you already know firsthand that here we are talking about a small board to which we add devices and components to assemble our mini PC. In addition, thanks to its virtues and characteristics, a wide range of possibilities opens up to us in terms of its types of use. Here we have the possibility of installing a good number of operating systems depending on what we are going to use the Raspberry Pi for.

And it is that this type of device is used to store remote data from a main PC, as a P2P content server, to function as a retro console, etc. At the same time there are also many users who use it as a multimedia center or as a remote content server. Be that as it may, one of the most common and widespread operating systems here is Raspbian. It must be said that here we find a totally free open source system that is based on the Debian Linux distribution .

Thanks to all this that we tell you, as you can imagine we will have the possibility of installing a large amount of software to use on our Raspberry Pi. But as it happens with the rest of the open source Linux distributions, here we are going to find some limitations. A clear example of all this is what happens with some of the programs of software giants such as Adobe or Microsoft . In fact, next, we will talk about programs of the importance of Word or Excel .

How to use Word or Excel on my Raspberry Pi with Linux

Possibly many of you already know that these two applications are among the most used in the world. Hence, you may be wondering if you can use them on your Raspberry Pi. At this point, the first thing we should know is that Microsoft has not released a version of Office , the suite to which these programs belong, compatible with Linux. Therefore, from the outset, we could say that we do not have the possibility of using Word or Excel on our mini PC. But there are other outputs or solutions that may interest you.

MS office word online

For example, a very effective solution used by many is to make use of the popular Wine . It has been with us for many years allowing Linux users to run Windows programs, the open source operating system. This way we can use the aforementioned programs from the giant Microsoft on our mini PC based on a Raspberry Pi board. But that is not the only solution that we can use. Well, we say this because the Redmond firm also makes an online version of both Office programs .

It is true that in terms of its functionality it is much more unlimited than the original version of the suite, but if we don’t have advanced needs, these online versions of Word and Excel will help us to get by and use them on Linux. As you can imagine, all this can be done through our favorite internet browser . Also, if these alternative uses end up convincing us, you can always use another open source office suite compatible with Linux . Perhaps the popular LibreOffice meets all your requirements in this regard.

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