Canonical and ASRock partner to advance IoT and artificial intelligence

Canonical and ASRock partner to advance IoT and artificial intelligence

Taiwanese manufacturer ASRock , best known for its motherboards, has announced a partnership with Canonical to commercialize Ubuntu-certified devices geared towards Edge AIoT Artificial Intelligence of Things ( hereinafter, Edge AIoT ). The manufacturer’s intention is to market products that benefit from the functionality and long-term support offered by Ubuntu, starting with the iEP-5000G Industrial IoT Controller.

ASRock notes the rapid growth of the AIoT Edge and its adoption by the community around Open Source. Here is added the strong presence of Ubuntu in the segment as one of the best-known operating systems in the world and one of the most used in the development of AIoT Edge. It should not be forgotten that Canonical has been breaking stone for many years in the IoT and edge computing sectors , which are now beginning to intersect with artificial intelligence.

Regarding the iEP-5000G Industrial IoT Controller, a certified platform for Ubuntu , ASRock explains that “it has high computing power with flexible I/O and expansions under a compact and resistant design as Edge Controller and IoT Gateway in various Edge AI applications, including smart manufacturing, process automation and smart poles in smart cities. Ubuntu-tested and validated hardware enables long-term support with up to 10 years of security updates from Canonical, providing the best and most reliable customer experience.”

Another point highlighted by ASRock is that choosing Ubuntu for an artificial intelligence or machine learning project “can offer several benefits, such as being open source, fast training on AI models, significant community support, receiving the latest updates with strong security and more.”

In short, nothing that is new from Canonical and its strategy around the IoT, which has as its mainstay an Ubuntu Core that does not usually receive as much media attention as the mutable editions for desktops and servers. The company behind the most popular distribution does not want to lose pace under any circumstances, so it has decisively joined AIoT, a relatively recent segment that comes from the fusion of the Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence.

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