Cheat, a tool to consult cheats on commands from the Linux terminal itself

Cheat, a tool to consult cheats on commands from the Linux terminal itself

For years, ‘computing’ and ‘graphical user interface’ have been two concepts that seem to go hand in hand : clicks, buttons, menus and windows are the most common means of interacting with our computers. But sometimes when we need to dig deep, we find ourselves head-on with command consoles . And the complexity of it can be very difficult for many first timers .

So it is common for those who are still learning to navigate in this environment (even experts who want to save time) turn to ‘chops’ or ‘cheatsheets’ to have at hand the meaning of each command and its corresponding range of options and modifiers .

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Forget the notes, resort to the chop

But the creators of Cheat thought that it would be much more convenient to be able to consult this cheat sheet from the command line itself . There is, of course, the ‘man’ command, but the information it provides is so extensive that it could not be described as a cheat sheet (rather it would be the notes) and, furthermore, it cannot be edited.

So they chose to create a tool for Linux systems that allows you to edit and consult this information for quick reference . The tool, of course, is free software, and its code can be reviewed on GitHub . Its installation requires that we already have the ‘python’ and ‘python-pip’ packages installed, although you will have to look for specific information on how to install it in the distribution you are using.

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Cheat includes as standard information on practically all commands that we could consider common in Linux environments : you can consult the complete list by typing ‘ cheat -l ‘ (or on its GitHub page , next to the template to create new cheats). If you already know what specific command you want to consult (let’s say it is ‘ asciiart ‘), you will have to type ‘ cheat asciiart ‘ and the cheat will be displayed on the screen.

But, if you don’t have the option to install anything at that moment (because you are working on someone else’s computer, for example), you can always access web tools that offer similar functionality , such as (not related to the tool that us) or .

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