Check and Find Out How Long Time Take To Boot Your Linux System


When you power on your Linux system, you await the manufacturer’s logo to return up, a couple of messages on the screen perhaps (booting in insecure mode), Grub screen, OS loading screen and eventually the login screen.

Did you check how long did it take? Perhaps not. Unless you actually got to know, you won’t bother with the boot time details.

But what if you’re curious to understand very long your Linux system takes to boot? Running a stopwatch is a strategy to search out that however in Linux, you have better and simpler approaches to search out your Linux system start time

Checking boot time in Linux with systemd-analyze

most of the Linux distributions running on systemd . The systemd features a number of utilities to manage your Linux system. one among those utilities is systemd-analyze.

The systemd-analyze command gives you a detail of what percentage services ran at the last begin and the way long they took.

If you run the following command within the terminal:


You’ll get the total boot time along with the time taken by firmware, boot loader, kernel and the userspace:

Checking boot time in Linux with systemd-analyze

As you’ll see within the output above, it took about 16 seconds for my system to succeed on the screen where I could enter my password. I’m using Dell XPS Ubuntu edition. It uses SSD storage and despite of that, it takes this much time to start out.

hope you got this tutorial very handy? Why don’t you share your system’s boot time? Let’s compare.

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