Cider: the Apple Music app also for Linux

If you are someone who loves music and has more than one streaming service or you like to change to check which catalog each one has, as a Linux user you may have noticed that Apple Music was quite complicated to listen to from a desktop apps.

In fact, the apple company itself has been trying for a few months now to calm down all those users of other operating systems than their own, who are with it and are even looking for engineers to be able to develop an application for the different operating systems. However, the news that the development begins never arrives.

This, as always, has made the open source community move looking for a possible alternative that provides a solution to all these users, despite being a paid streaming focused not only on users of the Apple ecosystem and they still do not have a robust solution. for it officially.

Cider is the answer for all those users of other operating systems, such as Linux, to be able to enjoy their Apple Music without giving up free software. It is an app created by a group of users on GitHub and to which you can contribute so that it continues to grow from its repository.

Cider: the Apple Music app also for Linux

This app is built with JavaScript through Electron , so it’s a hybrid app and not a native one, but that doesn’t stop it from working quite well. On Linux, you can install it through the Flathub package system as a Flatpak package or from the AUR repositories.

The truth is that the graphical interface and the way of interacting with the application have nothing to envy to the official application for Apple Music, in fact it is totally similar. We can even say that it offers a few more features that will make your experience much more pleasant.

It is not only available for Linux , it is a cross-platform application so Mac or Windows users themselves can also install it to test and compare.

If you have an active Apple Music subscription, or you’re thinking of trying it out, but you were put off by the fact that you didn’t have an official client to be able to play your music, this application is undoubtedly an alternative to take into account. You can see more information and access the downloads in its own Github repository . Do not stop the music!

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