Debian 12 with GNOME 40.4 Download

Debian 12 with GNOME 40.4 Download

The bookworm (Debian 12 ‘Bookworm’) is ready for download and testing. If you find Debian boring, you can take part in the test of version 12 and learn better. After the freeze and release phase of Debian 11, the developers are back to work. Gnome 40.4 is already included in the test version ‘Debian 12 Bookworm’. Download, try, help test!

Gnome 40 is a turning point in the Gnome world as it makes the graphical environment more attractive, brighter and less cluttered compared to the 3-series versions. You can stand by the reduced desktop environment however you want; It is always attractive and modern. With GNOME 41, the options for settings have been expanded again, as we reported.

Debian 12 Testing has upgraded the GNOME packages to the current 40 versions and will probably as a stable version in mid-2023, as long as you the previous release them release cycle want to follow. Here is a short video on Debian 12 Testing with GNOME 40:

If you want to help test the bookworm, you can do so here . To try out Debian 12, the weekly builds can be downloaded and tested in a virtual machine.


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