Docker Desktop for Linux Available to Download

Docker Desktop for Linux Available to Download

Docker Desktop for Linux Available to Download, A proverb says: Better late than never. Docker complied and Docker Desktop for Linux, complementing Docker Desktop for Mac and Windows. This was the second most requested developer request on Docker’s roadmap.

Docker Vs. Podman

Anyone who works with containers knows that the GUI for Docker, which includes the components Docker Engine, Docker CLI Client, Docker Compose, Docker Content Trust, BuildKit, Kubernetes and Credential Helper, is far too late. It is questionable whether this is really still needed, because I doubt whether it will attract new users, where Podman is becoming more and more popular and can already handle Docker Compose.

Extensions included in the package

The integration of Kubernetes into the new GUI dashboard is believed to make it easier to manage containers and provide reasonable and safe default values ​​for resource consumption. In addition, Docker Extensions included, with currently 14 Docker partner companies having promised support.

With almost 400 MB as DEB and RPM download. The prerequisite for execution is a 64-bit system and support for KVM virtualization, as documentation explained I was unable to install on Fedora 36 and Ubuntu Jammy due to missing dependencies.

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