Fedora 35 Beta Download with Linux 5.14 and GNOME 41

Fedora 35 Beta Download with Linux 5.14 and GNOME 41

After Fedora was already a frequent topic in the blog in the last few days, either directly or indirectly, it is now about the recently released beta version for Fedora 35. The key data are Kernel 5.14 and, for the workstation edition, which was only released a week ago, GNOME 41. The latest version of the desktop environment includes a new remote desktop client, an improved panel for mobile settings and a number of performance improvements.

All variants as beta

In addition to the workstation, beta versions for Fedora Server and Fedora IoT as well as for Spins, Labs and the ARM platform were made available for testing. The general availability of the stable version is currently planned for October 26th.

Fedora 35 is more about fine-tuning than introducing new developments. So the new sound server PipeWire is about the session manager WirePlumber placed side by side, can be made with inter alia the adaptation of rules for routing of streams to and from devices.

Improved NVIDIA under Wayland

Fedora 35 brings improved NVIDIA support to Wayland so that users who want to run applications that do not have native Wayland support can still benefit from the 3D support of the NVIDIA driver. The installation of third-party software as Flatpak via GNOME software is made easier by the better integration of the Flathub platform.

As a new member of the Fedora family, Fedora Kinoite is published for the first time, which has here on the blog already been presented . It’s Fedora Silverblue with KDE Plasma instead of GNOME.

Fedora 35 offers cloud images with hybrid BIOS + UEFI boot support. This means that users have BIOS support as a fallback, but can use UEFI if necessary. In addition, Btrfs is now also used as the standard in Fedora Cloud. All links to the individual images for testing can be found in the official announcement in Fedora Magazine , all changes to Fedora 35 can be found in the changeset .

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