Fedora 35 Testing Version Download Now

Fedora 35 Testing Version Download Now

We all have been looking for Fedora Linux for some time now, when will Fedora be released? Well today I’m providing Fedora 35 Testing Version Download .iso file before official Stable Fedora 35 Release Date

Fedora Linux 35 Testing Build comes with GNOME 40.3 Version with lots of bug fixes and some changes than GNOME 40, we all hoping GNOME 41 comes with stable Fedora 35 build, Let’s see how far the Fedora team think with GNOME 41

Fedora 35 Testing Build changelog :

  • GNOME 40.3 Updated
  • Updated Firefox 89 with Firefox 90 version
  • Python updated with 3.10 version (Python 3.5 completely retired)
  • Updated OpenSSL 3.0, Golang 1.17, Perl 5.34, RPM 4.17 and PHP 8.0.X
  • Switch the Fedora 35 GNU Toolchain to gcc 11 (latest point release), binutils 2.37, and glibc 2.34
  • Enabling third-party repositories will now create a Flathub remote that is a filtered view of Flathub.
  • Fedora” is the name of our project. Our general-purpose Linux distribution is “Fedora Linux“. Let’s refer to it that way in the OS itself

Download Fedora 35 .ISO :

Fedora 35 workstation live .iso

Fedora 34 Stable Download Now

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