GhostBSD 22.06.15 Download

GhostBSD 22.06.15 Download

GhostBSD 22.06.15 Download, The GhostBSD project develops a desktop operating system based on FreeBSD. The project’s latest snapshot is GhostBSD 22.06.15 which includes better handling of NVIDIA drivers and smoothly upgrade processes.

“Some of the improvements are automation on the livecd to install the proper Nvidia driver, and when a package fails to upgrade, Update Station will reinstall it and resume the update. I have added the BWN_GPL_PHY option in our default GENERIC kernel to compile drivers that include GPLv2 code. Now, most Broadcom devices are detected, including my iMac. In most cases bwn_v4_ucode_load=”YES” or bwn_v4_lp_ucode_load=”YES” need to be added in /boot/loader.conf. In addition, GhostBSD was upgraded to 13.1-STABLE from 22/05/31. Features added: Do not show updates available when packages are syncing. Add a file called syncing when new packages are syncing and remove it when completed. Add code to update-station read if syncing is in the repository and do not prompt users for upgrades. Add code to software-station to not allow software installation with software-station during a packages sync.” Additional details can be found in the project’s release announcement.

Download GhostBSD:

GhostBSD-22.06.15.iso (2,721MB, torrent, )

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