Google Chrome 94 browser release

Google Chrome 94 browser release

The release of the browser Google Chrome 94 took place. Chromium 94 was also released. Let’s note some changes in the new release. Chrome is a browser from Google based on the free browser Chromium. It is partially proprietary. It is cross-platform, available for desktop and mobile operating systems.

What’s new

  • The release schedule for new releases has changed. Now new releases will be released every 4 weeks, instead of 6. This decision was made to ensure that users receive fixes for vulnerabilities, bugs and new features faster.
  • For all desktop operating systems and Android, HTTPS-First mode is now available, in which when accessing a site via HTTP, it first tries to open the HTTPS version.
  • For public HTTP resources, access to local or internal URLs is prohibited.
  • Added the “Sharing hub” function, which allows you to share the current page. You can use send to device, receive QR code, send to third-party sites. Send to Devices is available for registered users only.
  • Chrome Sync is no longer supported on Chrome 48 and older.
  • The browser settings interface has been updated. Now instead of one long page of settings, all settings are divided into separate sections.
  • Added a new Idle Detection API that allows sites to detect user inactivity. This way, for example, messaging apps can choose the device to send the notification to.
  • Added a new page chrome: // whats-new – “What’s new in Chrome”, which displays information about changes in new releases.
  • And other changes.

Note that some features are being introduced gradually and may not be available to some users.

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