IceWM 2.8 window manager released

IceWM 2.8 window manager released

Available release of a lightweight window manager of IceWM 2.8 . IceWM provides full control through keyboard shortcuts, the ability to use virtual desktops, taskbar and application menus. The window manager is configured through a fairly simple configuration file, it is possible to use skins. Built-in applets are available for monitoring CPU, memory, traffic. Several third-party GUIs for customization, desktop implementations, and menu editors are being developed separately. The code is written in C ++ and is distributed under the GPLv2 license.

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The new release improves the performance and scalability of the window list menu. Added support for grouping together windows of the same applications. The icesh utility has improved filtering by the WM_CLASS property and added the “+ group” and “+ Class” options. The efficiency of working with the desktop wallpaper has been improved, and the original image has been removed to reduce memory consumption.

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