KDE Gear 21.08 brings major improvements for Dolphin, Okular and Konsole

KDE Gear 21.08

The version of KDE 21.08 Gear has seen the light to update and polish the experience with the applications themselves of the desktop environment. For those who are lost, we are talking about what was previously known as KDE Applications, so we have already made it clear what we are dealing with in this post.

KDE Gear 21.08 takes care of improving applications to meet all work needs. The great capabilities of KDE applications are well known, and it cannot be denied that, at least when it comes to multimedia, they tend to outperform their GNOME counterparts.


The first thing that has been highlighted in KDE Gear 21.08 is Dolphin, KDE’s powerful and flexible file explorer, which this time has incorporated an animated sequence to show the previews of the files . This makes it easier to check the contents of a folder without having to open it. The previews of files in encrypted locations such as Plasma Vault are also displayed.

Dolphin has a panel to show the information of a file, which is displayed by pressing the F11 key. Now this panel updates the information in real time in case any application has modified the file, making it unnecessary to refresh manually.

Another novelty that has come to the explorer is to be able to rename several files at the same time . The user only has to select the files he wants to rename and press F2 to start the process. This feature can be very useful, for example, for people who frequently work with sequences of images or videos and need to have the files organized.

The KHamburger menu, which is the only menu located in the upper right part of Dolphin, has been refined in order to make it easier to understand and to facilitate access to the functions that the user needs.

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Okular is the KDE document viewer, which supports, in addition to PDF, the EPUB, OpenDocument (ODF) formats, comic files, Markdown, FictionBook (fb2), Open XML Paper Specification (OpenXPS), the PostScript language and images TIFF, in addition to other file types. It is also one of the best applications in its category among those published as free software, so its use can become essential for many Linux users regardless of the desktop environment.

KDE Gear 21.08 has brought for the document viewer the option “Change dark and light colors” , which can be set by opening the toolbar settings and looking for it among the available actions within the “<okular_shell>” section. When activated, the view page will turn dull gray and the letters dark red for easy readability .

Another novelty of Okular 21.08 is that it now allows activating and deactivating the different types of annotations that the user has made, also remembering the last option used. This includes highlighting, underlining, boxes, etc. In addition, in order to avoid unwanted actions, the application will automatically disable the Browse and Text Selection modes when you start annotating a document.

Okular page after activating the option "Change dark and light colors"


Konsole is KDE’s graphical terminal application, which follows the tradition and style of the desktop environment to establish itself as a powerful, flexible and customizable tool, offering many options in order to be friendly for users who are not especially skilled. with the command line.

The most interesting novelty of Konsole 21.08 is the SSH plugin, which allows you to create a directory of the machines to which the user connects most frequently . If there is already a list of machines in the file ‘~ / .ssh / config’, just activate the plugin and then click on the Import button in the SSH administration panel that will appear in the application.

SSH and Console


The Gwenview image viewer has gained quite a few features with KDE Gear 21.08, including new compact controls in the upper right corner of the application, full KHamburger integration to access all options from a single drop-down menu, support for 16-bit images and the ability to read color profile information from various image formats .

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Kdenlive is a well known video editor. Although it is part of the KDE project, it is an application widely used by Windows users, who have installers available that can be obtained from the project’s official website.

Kdenlive has migrated to MLT 7 , which means that it has opened the door to the inclusion of new possibilities, such as the fact that changing the speed of a clip is now a keyframe effect. Developers have worked to improve job stability and management , thereby speeding up project openings and file import.

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And to finish

In addition to everything mentioned, KDE Gear 21.08 has brought Elisa a party mode that is activated with the F11 key and the ability to remember the last song that was playing along with the exact moment. For her part, Kate has included code snippets that can be used as templates.

If you want to have KDE Gear 21.08 easily, your thing would be to resort to a distribution such rolling release as Arch Linux or to resort to KDE neon , which provides the latest KDE on the stable basis of Ubuntu LTS. In case you are only interested in a few specific applications, Snapcraft and Flathub are two avenues that make it easy for users.

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