KDE Plasma 5.24 will support the fingerprint reader

KDE Plasma from version 5.24 will support the fingerprint reader

An important announcement was made by Nate Graham, developer of KDE, regarding the KDE Plasma 5.24 release of Plasma , the engine behind the popular desktop manager: support for the fingerprint reader has been added.

All laptop owners, not just Thinkpads, who have an integrated fingerprint reader or owners of an external reader will be able to configure KDE so that you can authenticate with the tip of your finger.

The feature is explained in the merge request of the developer Devin Lin, through these simple images:

KDE Plasma from version 5.24 will support the fingerprint reader

So, exactly as it happens, for example, in Microsoft Windows, it will be sufficient to register your fingerprint to start logging in without having to type the password of your account.

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Which is certainly a nice step forward in terms of usability for the interface.

About the supported readers, being the feature based on the fprint component developed by Bastien Nocera , it is precisely on the list presented on the project page that you need to base yourself.

There is no doubt, 2021 is certainly the year of the Linux desktop!

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