KDE Plasma 5.25 Coming Soon

KDE Plasma 5.25 Coming Soon

The time has come: on June 14, KDE Plasma 5.25, the next version of the KDE desktop, will be released and will follow Plasma 5.24 LTS. The developers are releasing a beta version on May 19 for all those who want to test it. Time for a preview of what’s in store for KDE friends.

Optical upgrade

Plasma 5.25 is based on Qt 5.15.2 and KDE Frameworks 5.94. For the new version of the desktop environment, more than 400 errors have been eliminated and functions have been improved or newly integrated. Prominently, the visual appearance was screwed on. The predefined accent colors introduced with Plasma 5.23 can be individually designed with Plasma 5.24 using a color selector. Plasma 5.25 wraps, changing the accent color based on the background image. The settings for this are made under Appearance | Colors can be found in the system settings. In addition, the accent colors are also in the Breeze Classic Theme applicable Another notable change in the new version is the option for plasma themes to panel as floating display

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In the background

Changes and improvements for the window manager and compositor KWin, which mostly revolve around improving the Wayland integration, are more in the background. In addition to the expansion of gesture control under Wayland, the renewed merger of the KDE Frameworks library KWayland Server and KWin introduced with Plasma 5.1 was also completed. This reverses a wrong decision made in the past years. This allows developers to simplify many implementations of the Wayland protocol, fix some design issues, and fix some known bugs.

In addition, Plasma 5.25 has a new screencasting mode that can be used to record a rectangular area on the screen. This is useful for creating screen recording tools, for example.

These were some of the highlights of Plasma 5.25, which may well be the final iteration of the Plasma 5 series. Because whether there will be Plasma 5.26 is not yet clear and depends on the progress made in the implementation of Qt 6 for KDE.

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