KDE Plasma Mobile 22.04 Mobile Platform Available

KDE Plasma Mobile 22.04 Mobile Platform Available, Published release KDE Plasma Mobile 22.04 , based on the mobile edition of the Plasma 5 desktop, the KDE Frameworks 5 libraries, the ModemManager communication framework Telepathy. Plasma Mobile uses the kwin_wayland composite server to display graphics, and PulseAudio is used for sound processing. Simultaneously, the release of the Plasma Mobile Gear 22.04 set of mobile applications, which is formed by analogy with the KDE Gear. To create the application interface, Qt is used, the Mauikit framework Kirigami from the KDE Frameworks, which allows you to create universal interfaces suitable for smartphones, tablets and PCs.

The package includes applications such as KDE Connect to pair your phone with your desktop, Okular music player VVave image viewers, Koko and Pix note calindori calendar-scheduler Index file manager buho application manager Discover , program for sending SMS Spacebar , address book plasma-phonebook , interface for making phone calls plasma-dialer , and plasma-angelfish browser messenger Spectral .

What’s In the new KDE Plasma Mobile 22.04 :

  • The mobile shell carries over changes developed in the KDE Plasma 5.25 branch, which is expected to be released on June 14th.
  • In the interface for switching between running applications (Task Switcher), animation has been improved when activating and minimizing applications. Added the ability to sort running applications in the order they were opened, not just in alphabetical order.
  • Improved adaptation to the screen width in the taskbar. The navigation bar is set to turn off transparency when the on-screen keyboard is opened, but not other shell windows.
KDE Plasma Mobile 22.04 Mobile Platform Available
  • Added the ability to call a truncated version of the drop-down quick settings panel (Action Drawer) when the screen is locked. Provided closing of the panel when touching the outer empty area. Provided support for rearranging shell settings. Improved animation when clicking on the quick settings buttons.
  • Added the ability to switch between home screen implementations. No new home screen types have been added yet, but the KDE Store will provide alternative home screen options for KDE Plasma Mobile.
  • In the basic home screen, an animation has been added to increase and decrease the application icons when the user interacts with them. Application title text is now bold for better readability.
  • The media player supports parallel streams (multiple applications can output sound at the same time).
  • The design of the module for setting the parameters of cellular networks has been updated in the configurator. Improved page for setting APN.
  • The interface for making calls (Plasma Dialer) has been switched to use the callaudiod background process developed in project Mobian, which allowed us to get rid of our own sound handlers and ensure the use of common code for different devices and distributions.
  • Added support portals, making it possible to autostart the kclockd process in sandbox isolation mode.
  • Tokodon Mastodon decentralized microblogging platform provides the output of all available user profile information. Added support for blocking, muting and following other users. The account selection interface and the sidebar have been redesigned.
  • Improved work of calendar-scheduler Kalendar.
  • Work continued on the client communication system Nextcloud Talk, which implements most of the chat rooms API.
  • Improved interface of Spacebar, a program for sending SMS/MMS. The top bar, app navigation, and attachment management interface have been redesigned. Added notification settings to hide the sender and message content when showing notifications during screen lock. Added the ability to select an active phone number for entries in the address book that have multiple numbers associated with them. Added support for following links when viewing messages.

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