LibreWolf 94 is a Firefox variant with a focus on privacy and security

LibreWolf 94 is a Firefox variant with a focus on privacy and security

The LibreWolf 94 web browser is available , which is a rebuild of Firefox 94 with changes to improve security and privacy. The project is being developed by a community of enthusiasts. Changes are published under the MPL 2.0 license (Mozilla Public License). Builds are generated for Linux (Debian, Fedora, Gentoo, Ubuntu, Arch, Flatpak, AppImage), macOS and Windows.

Among the main differences from Firefox:

  • Removing the code associated with the transmission of telemetry, conducting experiments to enable test capabilities for some users, displaying ad inserts in recommendations when typing in the address bar, displaying unnecessary ads. Disabled whenever possible any calls to Mozilla servers and minimized background connections. Removed built-in add-ons for checking for updates, sending crash reports and integrating with the Pocket service.
  • Using the default search engines that preserve privacy and do not track user preferences. There is support for the search engines DuckDuckGo, Searx and Qwant.
  • Including uBlock Origin ad blocker in the basic package.
  • The presence of a firewall for add-ons, restricting the ability to establish network connections from the add-ons.
  • Taking into account the recommendations developed by the Arkenfox project to strengthen privacy and security, as well as blocking opportunities that allow passive browser identification .
  • Enabling optional settings that improve performance.
  • Prompt generation of updates based on the main Firefox codebase (builds of new LibreWolf releases are generated within a few days after the release of Firefox).
  • Disable by default proprietary components for viewing protected content DRM (Digital Right Management). To block indirect user authentication methods, WebGL is disabled by default. Also disabled by default are IPv6, WebRTC, Google Safe Browsing, OCSP, Geo Location API.
  • Independent build system – unlike some similar projects, LibreWolf builds builds on its own, and does not make fixes to ready-made Firefox builds or override settings. LibreWolf is not associated with a Firefox profile and is installed in a separate directory, which allows it to be used side-by-side with Firefox.
  • Protecting important settings from being changed. Settings affecting security and privacy are captured in the librewolf.cfg and policies.json files and cannot be changed from add-ons, updates, or the browser itself. The only way to make changes is to directly edit the librewolf.cfg and policies.json files.
  • An optional set of proven LibreWolf-addons is offered, which includes add-ons such as NoScript , uMatrix and Bitwarden (password manager).
LibreWolf 94 is a Firefox variant with a focus on privacy and security

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