Linux Lite 5.6 is tweaked a bit and goes to the “pay what you can” model

We release September with the release of Linux Lite 5.6 , a new version of this derivative of Ubuntu, whose peculiarity is to use only LTS versions of the Canonical distribution and put the Xfce desktop at the forefront of the experience … among other details more or less eye-catching, originally intended to make this a newbie-friendly distro.

Thus, the novelties of Linux Lite 5.6 range from minimal aesthetic changes such as the renewal of the wallpapers or the update of the Papirus icon theme, the default of this system, to the improvement of the distribution’s own tools, such as the welcome wizard or the ‘tweaks’ module.

For example, it is possible to start the Linux Lite 5.6 installation through the welcome wizard in live mode. This wizard, in the style of others, also provides direct access to functions such as installing system updates, drivers, language support, or allows you to configure a restore point, as well as includes the usual help links.

On the other hand, there is Lite Tweaks , Linux Lite’s own touch-up tool, which facilitates the execution of certain tasks by simply marking them and clicking the button, such as installing or uninstalling specific packages beyond the software manager, or making changes. which would usually require the command line. In Linux Lite 5.6 Lite Tweaks adds support for the Brave browser and for editing the GRUB menu.

Linux Lite 5.6

Other new features of Linux Lite 5.6 include the Linux 5.4 kernel, the one included by default since its version 5.0, as it was brought by Ubuntu 20.04 LTS … but versions 5.13 and 5.14 are also available for installation from the distribution’s own repositories, which is still curious when Linux Lite 5.6 is based on Ubuntu 20.04.3 LTS , which arrived a few days ago with the Linux 5.11 kernel.

Available Linux 5.14 with core scheduling and Raspberry pi 400 Support

Apart from this launch, but starting with it, the project begins with what they have called pay what you want digital download used by distributions such as elementary OS: “it is a path that I never thought I would take, but we have no other option. Either we stagnate and embrace the ever-changing algorithms of the Big G, or we boldly go where others have gone before… ” explains the lead Linux Lite developer.

In essence, when you go to download Linux Lite , you will have a default payment option, which does not mean that you cannot download the distro for free. You just have to explicitly indicate a custom amount of zero. The project needs income and at least they make it clear that way. There’s no more.

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