Linux Lite 6 replaces Firefox with Chrome… because of Snap’s “fault”

Linux Lite 6 replaces Firefox with Chrome... because of Snap's "fault"

Linux Lite 6 is the new version of this derivative of Ubuntu with Xfce desktop, which this year celebrates a decade in operation since the launch of version 1.0. For both reasons, it is essential to make room for him in these pages, where we have followed his career more recently, but with a bit of resquemos.

And it is that Linux Lite is one of those solid and well-made distributions whose absence, although it knows bad to say it, would not be noticed, because it hardly adds anything to what already exists. Without going any further, Xubuntu or another derivative of Ubuntu such as Linux Mint Xfce, are as good or better options than Linux Lite. Ergo, the fact that Linux Lite is a good system does not mean that it has a certain impact on fragmentation, which is of little benefit to Linux as a platform.

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That said, we now focus on what this new version brings and with regard to the novelties of Linux Lite 6.0 , the main one is the base jump, which is now occupied Ubuntu 22.04 LTS , with all the changes that this entails. To be highlighted, Linux 5.15 LTS, systemd 249, Mesa 22 or PulseAudio 16.

As for the desktop, Linux Lite and Xfce are practically synonymous and Xfce 4.16 is the version that Linux Lite 6.0 carries, with many updated components to its credit and with the project’s own customizations, which begin with the new visual theme, called Matter and with support for “GTK2, GTK3, GTK4, GNOME Shell, Budgie, Cinnamon, MATE, Unity, Xfce, LightDM, GDM, Chrome…”, in light and dark modes.

Jerry Bezencon, the main developer of Linux Lite, says that the theme of this release is “inclusion and freshness”, and if the freshness is brought by the new theme and the rest of the updates, the inclusion comes from the integration of accessibility tools such as the Onboard virtual keyboard, Orca screen reader, a screen magnifier… and the elephant in the room.

Linux Lite 6 replaces Firefox with Chrome... because of Snap's "fault"

Indeed, Linux Lite 6 gives a punch to the table… which was unexpected, and replaces Firefox with Chrome because of Snap . yesterday it , Ubuntu 22.04 LTS maintains Firefox as the default web browser, but only and exclusively in Snap format. And according to the head of Linux Lite, “now that Firefox comes as a Snap package from Ubuntu, and Windows users should be able to handle as few package managers as possible, Chrome was the obvious replacement choice.”

“Web browsers are very subjective, everyone has their favorite and everyone has an opinion. You can’t please everyone, but what we can do is stay focused on our target audience and that’s exactly what we’ve done ,” he adds. Even so, Linux Lite users who wish to can install Firefox from the repositories, with the caveat that it is the Snap version with all the support for this format.

In turn, they include information to install Firefox in Deb format via the PPA repository, a method that has been spreading since the release of Ubuntu 22.04 LTS and that could well be complemented with some kind of collaboration between all Ubuntu derivatives that oppose Snap, which are the majority, although it does not seem the case. What it does seem is that in Linux Lite they have taken advantage of the situation to make the change.

Be that as it may, these and some other changes are what Linux Lite 6.0 brings with it. Everything is well detailed in the ad linked above. If what you are interested in is getting an installation image, you have it on the download page , only for 64-bit

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