Linux Mint 21.2 is Now Available to Download with renews its visual section

Linux Mint 21.2 is Now Available to Download

Linux Mint 21.2 is Now Available to Download, the new version of, with the permission of Ubuntu, the most popular of the classic Linux distributions for PCs… In other words, in the style of Windows. While we’re at it, this release is a great alternative for those still using Windows 7 or Windows 8.1, whose support is faltering to varying degrees.

Linux Mint 21.1 code named ‘Vera’ is, after the original release of Linux Mint 21 last summer, the second update of the new version of the distribution based on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS, with which it shares many of the new features. , including the Linux 5.15 kernel, the Mesa 22 graphics stack, the PulseAudio 16 audio server, and PipeWire, among other components.

But all is not the same between Linux Mint and Ubuntu. Quite a few things change, from the desktop environments offered by both to, for example, the software distribution model, which in the case of Linux Mint dispenses with Canonical’s Snap Store and its self-contained applications, imposed on Ubuntu for the disgust of many users for the system itself and for the disastrous performance of the store itself.

Thus, Linux Mint users do not have to swallow yes or yes with a Firefox packaged as Snap with lacking in integration with the desktop, or with poor execution in software management. Which doesn’t mean they can’t use Snap if they want to: Flatpak support is included by default, but Snap can be added manually.

Linux Mint 21.2 is Now Available to Download

Beyond these details, Linux Mint 21.1 arrives as always with its three editions, each headed by its respective desktop environment: Cinnamon, MATE and Xfce. Specifically, MATE 1.26 and a Xfce 4.16 well-updated (there was no time to add Xfce 4.18 ). In the case of the main edition, it is Cinnamon 5.6 , whose only reference is the version at hand, since no release notes are published.

The most visible novelty of the new version of Cinnamon that accompanies Linux Mint 21.1 is the revamp of its appearance, including a new default visual theme that, yes, hardly alters the usual appearance of the desktop, except for one significant detail: blue replaces the traditional green as an accent color and the folders are now yellow. Also, the upper corners of the windows are rounded, following the current trend.

The presentation of the desktop receives other tweaks that, in the same way, extend to the three alternatives as far as possible. The most striking thing at first glance is the commitment to minimalism, if you can say so, getting rid of shortcuts that are accessible by other means, such as those of the user folder or the trash. In general, the desktop looks cleaner in Linux Mint 21.1 , without losing functionality for it.

Linux Mint 21.2 is Now Available to Download with renews its visual section
The “old” look of Linux Mint
Linux Mint 21.2 is Now Available to Download with renews its visual section
The new look of Linux Mint

Regarding the change of colors, do not worry because whenever you want you can go back to the usual green or choose any other. There are themes for all tastes. We don’t need green to be Linux Mint. We are Linux Mint no matter what and we want to use the color that looks the sexiest out of the box ,” says Clement Lefebvre, project lead.

It also changes the cursor theme and the sound theme, which adopts Android’s own Material Design V2. Finally, there is the option to return to the old themes, both for icons and for applications; but if you’re just looking for a different icon theme, Breeze (KDE Plasma), Papirus, Numix and Yaru (Ubuntu) are included by default. And there is more, although of lesser depth. In short, customization to power.

Leaving aside the visual innovations, which are very outstanding for the rest of the Linux Mint, other important changes for this version include tools such as the driver manager, which can now work offline and in user mode and does not need to be entered. the administrator password to be executed, among other improvements; Full integration of Flatpak is complete , which now has support for updating applications in the update manager.

Linux Mint 21.1 Software Center: the software manager also retouches its appearance
Linux Mint 21.1 Software Center: the software manager also retouches its appearance

Moving on to common applications, Linux Mint 21.1 enhances the USB installation imaging utility with an easy verification system and support for Windows images. The same goes for XApps, although to a lesser extent. The software sources manager, for its part, is renewed and now when a PPA repository is added, its key is only accepted for that source, and not globally for all APT sources.

As you can see, Linux Mint 21.1 brings a few new features to its credit, although many of them focus on the visual section, which is not usually the usual. In any case, it is not the only thing. For more information, the official announcements of each edition, which include the detailed release notes and the links to access the downloads:

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  1. I switched from Ubuntu Mate to Mint Mate over forced snaps. I never liked the Mint flat themes, but discovered the default Mate themes are also in the repository, so now am quite satisfied with Mint Mate.

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