Manjaro 21.1 arrives with KDE Plasma 5.22, adapted GNOME 40 and Xfce 4.16

Manjaro 21.1 download

Manjaro 21.1 Update arrives with KDE Plasma 5.22, adapted GNOME 40 and Xfce 4.16 Download Now

Manjaro 21.1 has earned on its own merits being considered one of the best Linux distributions for the desktop. Taking the base of Arch Linux, the developers have created a system that stands out for its excellent out of the box configuration, with all the drivers, codecs and Steam pre-installed, and for its simple but effective control panel, which facilitates the installation of drivers. and different versions of the kernel, among other things.

Recently, has appeared Manjaro 21.1 of the Manjaro installation media, whose code name is Ornara and which comes with a set of updated software and improvements for the installer, Calamares, which has incorporated file system selection in automatic partitioning and has improved installations with Btrfs, which now provide an improved layout of the default subvolumes to facilitate rollbacks and make snapshots waste less disk space, as well as swapfile support.

Editing with KDE Plasma

Regarding the edition with KDE Plasma, it brings version 5.22 of the environment together with KDE Frameworks 5.85 and KDE Gear 21.08 . The Breeze / Breeze theme has also been updated, which encompasses the new desktop background (which is not by default).

Manjaro makers have commented that KDE Plasma “has become more enjoyable to use through design improvements and higher levels of smoothness and consistency in transparencies, blurs, icons, and animations ” .

KDE Plasma has been getting more and more right with its approach, making its infinite possibilities become really useful things for users without giving up its essence. On the other hand, who denies that it is the best gateway for users who come from Windows?

Manjaro 21.1 with KDE Plasma
Manjaro 21.1 with KDE Plasma

In addition to the more “tangible” things for users, the launch of Manjaro 21.1 also highlighted the accelerated improvement of the implementation of Wayland in Kwin , where it has been said that, thanks to the protocol, “Plasma can include functions and fixes of errors that cannot be implemented in X11, offering a better experience and more stability ” . To finish with KDE Plasma, Cantata has been replaced by Elisa and integration support with the web browser is now offered by default through the corresponding plugin.

Editing with GNOME

Manjaro’s edition with GNOME now equips version 40 of the environment, which has motivated the developers to introduce some changes. Those responsible have commented that, due to the new default layout of GNOME 40 , the customizations introduced by the distribution have been made to adapt to the new base design of the desktop , but with some adjustments to reduce the movement distances of the mouse pointer.

And since it is not raining to everyone’s liking, Manjaro 21.1 offers the possibility of recovering the vertical layout that GNOME used up to version 3.38 through a legacy design, although implemented in version 40.

Manjaro 21.1 with GNOME 40
Manjaro 21.1 with GNOME 40

Editing with Xfce

Regarding the edition with Xfce, which is also the original, we find version 4.16 of the environment , which included a large number of improvements in aspects such as composition and GLX. Aside from the customizations introduced by the distribution, what stands out are the features and enhancements of the product itself, which include fractional scaling for HiDPI displays, discontinuation of GTK2 support, and adoption of CSD via GTK3 .

Common components and conclusion

While the various desktop environments are responsible for dramatically changing the user experience with the system, what is under the hood is identical for all editions. The standard Manjaro 21.1 images use Linux 5.13 by default, while the minimal images serve kernel version 5.4 to, according to those responsible, offer additional support for older hardware.

All the details on Manjaro 21.1 can be found in the official announcement published in the distribution forums, while the live images for the installation are available from the corresponding section on the official website of the project .

Manjaro 21.1 Download iso :

manjaro-xfce-21.1.0-210817-linux513.iso (2,723MB, SHA256, signature, torrent),

manjaro-gnome-21.1.0-210817-linux513.iso (2,969MB, SHA256, signature, torrent),

manjaro-kde-21.1.0-210817-linux513.iso (3,040MB, SHA256, signature, torrent).

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