Nextcloud Hub 24 automates data export and import

Nextcloud Hub 24 automates data export and import

Nextcloud Hub 24 is the latest from “the world’s most widespread collaboration platform, used by tens of millions of private users, governments, and Fortune 500 companies alike to reclaim data sovereignty and privacy.” This is how the project introduces the new version of it, the first to see the light this year 2022.

Without much fanfare, however, Nextcloud Hub 24 is the new version of the old Nextcloud , renamed Nextcloud Hub a few versions ago to reflect its status as an application suite, something that serves more than one thing – it serves many, in fact – although its basic function as Dropbox to free and self-managed software does not change, because everything continues to revolve around that.

Thus, Nextcloud maintains its essence : it is your own cloud, the one that you can install on your server or hire a third party already assembled to store files and synchronize them between different devices, but the truth is that relegating Nextcloud to just that falls far short . Nextcloud Hub, then, offers file storage and synchronization functions, but also calendar, tasks, email, videoconferencing, office automation and a long, long list of free and private productivity applications, on your server or in the cloud of your choice .

Likewise, what the company says is true, and that is that Nextcloud Hub has become one of the platforms in its category with the greatest adoption, including deployments as an online collaboration solution in national or local public administrations, as has happened in France, Sweden, Genoa or Luxembourg, as well as in medium and large companies, especially in the European environment.

With regard to Nextcloud Hub 24, among its novelties, the expansion of data export and import , two key processes in software like this that may or may not function as a service , but which should facilitate user mobility. Thus, although the data stored in Nextcloud and managed by the applications of the suite is usually kept as standard format files, easily accessible and portable, everything was more scattered than desirable.

New Nextcloud Hub 24 data import and export wizard

With this update, the data remains accessible as usual (for example, it is still possible to export calendars or contacts from the preferences of their respective applications), but everything is brought together in a new section of the Nextcloud configuration to facilitate the migration, automating everything with just a couple of clicks. Or that’s where you start, since in this first stage the export wizard collects only data such as files, calendars or profile information.

It is to be hoped that future versions will expand the ability to integrate data for export. In addition, what can be exported is, for now, the same as what can be imported, so it will be appreciated if it is expanded as soon as possible. This new data migration function is focused on streamlining the processes of those who come and go to Nextcloud, but also those who move their instances between different infrastructures, including ordinary users and companies.

Other additions to Nextcloud Hub 24 include performance and scalability improvements to Nextcloud Files , the core application of the fabric and responsible for managing user files, particularly databases; improvements to Nextcloud Groupware, the suite’s suite of core productivity applications, such as Calendar or Mail, with various interface tweaks and the addition of some new functionality; Nextcloud Talk, the video conferencing add-on, which introduces chat reactions or a better media file search function; and a few more news.

For more information, the official Nextcloud Hub 24 announcement , where everything is explained in detail, including video presentations with the new features in motion, which is how they look best.

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