Notesnook Encrypted Notes App Goes Open Source


Notesnook is a note application / service with clients for PC (Linux, Mac, Windows) and mobile (Android, iOS), as well as a web application. Its main feature is end-to-end encryption, so only the user can access the content of their notes; the reason why it is news in these pages, its change of model towards open source.

Notesnook works as software as a service and in principle is the same as a lot of other applications out there, with the distinction already made: end-to-end encryption and zero knowledge policy are two of them. its main pillars, which are now reinforced with the release of the code of all clients, the core of the application, editor and extensions under the GPL-3.0 license . For later it is planned to also release the code on the server side.

Over there, Notesnook is compared to Evernote for doing it with an easily recognizable reference, that is, although at the level of functions it falls a little short in comparison. It’s also not strange, given Evernote’s position. In fact, Notesnook has a chart comparing Evernote, Microsoft OneNote, and Google Keep, and it boils down to security and privacy features: to-end encryption, encrypted attachments, open source, zero knowledge , cross-platform, built-in lockdown, note protection. with password and share option…

However, in the announcement at hand on the official Notesnook blog , the first reference the author makes is to Standard Notes, in turn another reference within note applications/services based on encryption on the server side. client and open source . The same path that Notesnook has taken now and that is not the most common. That link explains everything about this operation.

On the other hand, on the project website all the functionality of the application is detailed, including the limitations of the free plan; the paid Pro plan costs €50.98 per year or €4.58 per month and includes unlimited attachments, unlimited storage, a private space, options to export notes in PDF, HTML and Markdown, a more complete editor and notebooks and unlimited tags, plus some more customization options.

Notesnook Encrypted Notes App Goes Open Source


If you’re interested in trying it out, Notesnook offers installers in Deb and RPM formats, 64-bit only, in addition to the AppImage.

It’s been a long time since we talked about applications of this type, note applications, because beyond the classic assortment for Linux and Android, there are so many that it’s hard to focus. And here we usually fix it on native open source applications, or those well known for their scope.

So in recent times we’ve picked up things like Joplin by nature; Simplenote, for where you come from; or the same Evernote, due to the launch of its official application for Linux. But alternatives, there are some of all kinds and conditions.

Curiously, we have never even mentioned Standard Notes, which is true that it has been making itself known for a long time, but the cost of their plans (now they have changed them) always put me off. Even so, it is evident that it is yours or the one that Notesnook has taken, it is the most attractive model: encryption and open source. Despite this, I’m more into using a powerful editor and putting the encryption and synchronization myself, but whoever uses what these have and also prefers everything ready for action… the offer is expanded.

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