OBS Studio 27.1 Video Streaming System Release

OBS Studio 27.1 Video Streaming System Release

Available edition package OBS Studio 27.1 for streaming, compositing and video recording. The code is written in C / C ++ and is distributed under the GPLv2 license. Assemblies are generated for Linux, Windows and macOS.

The development goal of OBS Studio was to create a portable version of the application Open Broadcaster Software (OBS Classic) that is not tied to the Windows platform, supports OpenGL, and is extensible through plugins. The difference is also the use of a modular architecture, which means the separation of the interface and the core of the program. Supports transcoding of original streams, video capture during games and streaming to Twitch, Facebook Gaming, YouTube, DailyMotion, Hitbox and other services. To ensure high performance, it is possible to use hardware acceleration mechanisms (for example, NVENC and VAAPI).

Provides support for compositing with scene building based on arbitrary video streams, data from web cameras, video capture cards, images, text, content of application windows, or the entire screen. During broadcasting, it is allowed to switch between several predefined scene options (for example, to switch views with an emphasis on the screen content and the image from a web camera). The program also provides tools for sound mixing, filtering with VST plugins, volume leveling and noise suppression.

In the new version :

  • Added support for integration with YouTube video hosting, allowing you to connect to your YouTube account without using a streaming key. A new “Manage Broadcast” button has been introduced to create and manage YouTube streams. Each stream can be assigned its own title, description, privacy settings and schedule. The Auto-Tuning Wizard provides the ability to test the bandwidth. Implemented a chat panel for public and private broadcasts, which is still read-only.
  • The option “18 Scenes” has been added to the Multi-view, when enabled, the studio modes “preview” and “program” are displayed simultaneously.
  • In the animation transition effects (Stinger Transition) in the mode Track Matte , which provides a transition with simultaneous display of parts of the new and old scene, added the option “Mask Only”.
  • For broadcast sources Browser Source , limited support for OBS control is implemented, requiring explicit authorization from the user.
  • Added option to show security zones in preview (same as in multi-view).
  • Sources for screen capture in Wayland sessions are now available without the need to launch OBS with a dedicated command line option.
  • Returned support for transferring scenes and sources for Linux. drag & drop.

Fedora Linux 35 has entered beta testing

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