ONLYOFFICE 7.1 Office Suite Update Released

ONLYOFFICE 7.1 Office Suite Update Released, New release of ONLYOFFICE DocumentServer 7.1 with the implementation of a server for ONLYOFFICE online editors and collaboration. Editors can be used to work with text documents, spreadsheets and presentations. The project code is distributed under the free license AGPLv3.

At the ONLYOFFICE DesktopEditors 7.1 , built on a single code base with online editors. Desktop editors are designed as desktop applications that are written in JavaScript using web technologies, but combine client and server components in one set, designed for self-sufficient use on the user’s local system, without resorting to an external service. For collaboration at your own facilities, you can also use the Nextcloud Hub, which provides full integration with ONLYOFFICE. Ready builds generated for Linux, Windows and macOS.

ONLYOFFICE claims full compatibility with MS Office and OpenDocument formats. Supported formats include: DOC, DOCX, ODT, RTF, TXT, PDF, HTML, EPUB, XPS, DjVu, XLS, XLSX, ODS, CSV, PPT, PPTX, ODP. It is possible to extend the functionality of the editors through plugins, for example, plugins are available for creating templates and adding YouTube videos. Ready assemblies generated for Windows and Linux (deb and rpm packages).

What’s New in ONLYOFFICE 7.1 Update :

  • Provided support for installing ONLYOFFICE on systems with ARM architecture. A separate assembly of ONLYOFFICE Docs for ARM has been published.
  • A new document viewer in PDF, XPS and DJVU formats is proposed, which is characterized by high performance and processing of all operations on the client side. Of the features of the new viewer, there is also a sidebar with thumbnails of document pages, a navigation bar, a mode for manually selecting areas in a document, a section with information about a file, and the ability to navigate through external and internal links.
ONLYOFFICE 7.1 Office Suite Update Released
  • A new menu for inserting and modifying shapes has been added to all editors. Added icons for all proposed figures. Showing a list of previously used figures is provided.
  • Added a mode for editing the geometry of figures through the placement of anchor points with the mouse.
  • The tool for choosing the direction of filling the shape with a gradient has been changed. The gradient fill icon displays the selected colors.
  • The possibility of cropping the image along the contour of the figure is provided.
  • Added support for new types of charts: pyramid, column, cylinder and cone.
  • Added support for sorting comments into groups in the left sidebar.
  • When entering a file protection password, an option has been added to show password characters during entry.
  • Added support for SmartArt objects that works without converting them to groups of objects.
  • Implemented display of notification about disconnection and restoration of connection.
  • Added support for converting PDF/XPS files to an editable DOCX document in the document editor.
  • The ability to accept and reject changes through the context menu is provided.
  • Added support for specifying special characters when searching for documents.
  • A new View tool tab has been added that provides settings for displaying documents and presentations, such as theme, document positioning, zoom level, toolbar and status bar display.

Changes in the spreadsheet:

  • Implemented interface for previewing tables before printing.
  • Options have been added to the View tab to enable the status bar, merge the status bar and the spreadsheet control panel, always show the toolbar, select an interface theme, and show panel shadows.
  • A section with currency symbols has been added to the dialog for selecting the format of numbers in cells.
  • When entering formulas, pop-up hints are provided that offer suitable formula options.
  • In the dialog for setting import parameters in TXT and CSV formats, an option has been added to select the characters for defining the beginning and end of a block with text (quotes).
  • Added support for opening XLSB files.
  • Added context menu for moving spreadsheets.
  • The ability to open and close groups in the view and comment mode is provided.
  • Changes in the presentation editor:
  • Added support for inserting animation into a presentation. New Animation and View tabs have been added to the toolbar.
  • The menu provides tools for duplicating slides and moving slides to the beginning and end of the list.
  • The Insert tab now has the ability to insert recently used shapes.
  • Added support for scaling forms.
  • The version of editors and viewers for mobile devices has implemented support for the dark theme and added a button to show lists in a spreadsheet.

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