Q4OS 4.6 Gemini Released Based on Debian 11 Bullseye

Q4OS 4.6 is code-named Gemini and is based on Debian GNU / Linux 11. The version of the distribution that is now available is an LTS release that will be updated for at least 5 years.

As a desktop environment, either Plasma 5.20 or the Trinity Desktop from KDE 3 in version 14.0.10 can be used. The lightweight Trinity desktop in particular is very popular with the community, as it can be operated smoothly even on older hardware. This also explains that the distribution is not only available for 64bit / x64 and 32bit / i686pae computers, but a variant for older i386 systems without PAE extension is also available.

Q4OS 4.6 Gemini Released Based on Debian 11 Bullseye

Ubuntu 21.10 Beta Available to Download with GNOME 40

The Desktop Profiler included in Q4OS has been updated and now offers the option of saving adjustments to the desktop environment as a profile and restoring them at a later point in time.

According to those responsible for the project, however, one of the most important goals was that the Plasma Desktop and Trinity could be used in parallel. This could now be achieved with the version available now.

Those: https://q4os.org/blog.html#news210927
Download: https://q4os.org/downloads1.html

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