Spotify donates 100,000 euros in open source awards

Spotify donates 100,000 euros in open source awards

Music service Spotify has introduced the FOSS Fund initiative, under which it intends to donate 100,000 euros to developers supporting various independent open source projects during the year. Applicants for support will be nominated by Spotify engineers, after which a specially convened committee will select the recipients of awards. The projects that will receive the awards will be announced in May. Spotify uses many independent open source projects in its operations and intends to repay the community for creating quality public code with the proposed initiative.

Funding will be available to independent and actively maintained projects used by Spotify, but not affiliated with any company or developed by Spotify employees. Eligible open source projects will be determined based on project submissions by Spotify engineers, developers, researchers, and product managers, and by analyzing the most popular dependencies in Spotify’s internal repositories. It is expected that financial support will help in maintaining projects and developing their functionality.

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