Tails 5.1 Secure Linux Available to Download

Tails 5.1 Secure Linux Available to Download

Tails 5.1 Secure Linux Available to download , The release of a specialized distribution kit Tails 5.1 (The Amnesic Incognito Live System), based on the Debian package base and designed for anonymous access to the network, has been formed. Anonymous exit to Tails is provided by the Tor system. All connections, except traffic through the Tor network, are blocked by default by the packet filter. Encryption is used to store user data in the save user data between runs mode. An iso image has been prepared for download, capable of working in Live mode, 1 GB in size.

The new release was not formed on May 31, as planned, but on June 5 due to the delay in the publication of a new version of the Tor Browser 11.0.14, which includes fixes for vulnerabilities in the Firefox engine. Officially new release Tor Browser hasn’t been announced yet, but builds are already available. Other changes:

  • A transition to a new stable branch of the Tor 0.4.7 toolkit was made with the implementation of the congestion control protocol.
  • Updated Linux kernel 5.10.113 and Thunderbird 91.9 mail client.
  • The capabilities of the Tor Connection Wizard (Tor Connection Assistant) have been expanded, which makes it possible to connect from censored networks through bridged gateways to bypass blocking. Before connecting to Tor, the time on the computer is automatically adjusted to make it easier to bypass censorship systems in some countries. The time information is retrieved directly (pre-connection to Tor) from the Fedora project’s captive portal discovery service. The time displayed in the top bar is now displayed based on the time zone selected when adjusting the clock. Added information to the screen shown after establishing a connection to Tor whether bridge nodes are used for the connection or not.
Tails 5.1 Secure Linux Available to download
  • Unsafe Browser, used for accessing resources on the local network, for example, for authorization in a wireless network with a captive portal, has a new home page that is shown in case of connection not through the Tor network and simplifies connecting to a wireless network through a captive portal.
  • Provided a warning about a possible loss of session data when trying to restart with Unsafe Browser disabled.
Tails 5.1 Secure Linux Available to download
  • The file manager now calls the program for managing Kleopatra certificates when clicking on OpenPGP files (double-click is now enough to decrypt *.gpg files). Kleopatra has also been added to the list of recommended applications.
Tails 5.1 Secure Linux Available to download
  • The file manager provides the ability to transfer files using the OnionShare application.
Tails 5.1 Secure Linux Available to download
  • The “files”, “calculator” and “terminal” search providers are disabled in GNOME overview mode.

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