The use of VPN in Linux Systems

The use of VPN in Linux Systems

Internet threats have been talked about for as long as the Internet has long been established. The network is developing, and with it – unfortunately – cybercrime is also developing. Even now, one person is able to paralyze the operation of the entire company, or – in worse cases – the entire national economy. These are real threats for both Windows, macOS and Linux users. You need to be aware of these risks, because sometimes one mistake can cost us both money and, what is worse, our identity and personal data, with which you can do a lot on the Internet. How to protect yourself, then? What can I do to avoid such attacks when using Linux? We will tell about this in the article below.

Security on Linux

As in other operating systems, also on Linux it is possible to use VPN software for Linux. How does a VPN work on Linux?
As in other systems, thanks to a VPN connection, we can safely browse the web – especially when we use a public network, such as in shopping malls. By using a VPN connection, we protect ourselves against, for example, hacking into accounts or data theft, which can have catastrophic consequences. Without using a VPN and connecting to a public network that is not secure in any way, we are practically inviting hackers and scammers to come into our systems as if they were themselves.

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Additional benefits of using a VPN

In addition to the previously mentioned protection against attacks and security of your data, the use of a VPN may allow us to use content previously unavailable to us – due to, for example, regionalization. It often happens that series or movies are available to watch only in a specific country. This is where a VPN comes in handy. Thanks to the connection via the VPN network, we gain access to basically unlimited regionally content, which allows you to enjoy the most interesting serial or movie finds. How it’s working?
The VPN simply connects to the network through the country’s IP address we indicate. So if, for example, a given movie is only in the states, then by connecting to the American IP, we can watch such a movie. It basically works most of the time. The exception may be China and North Korea, but this is for well-known reasons, where the regime prevents citizens from freely using the Internet. Unfortunately, this is a sad truth, so it is even more worth appreciating the possibilities offered by unlimited access to the Internet.


A VPN is helpful for a number of activities we do online. From the protection of our data, or files that we send and messages that reach us, to free access to foreign content. Using a secured network should come naturally to us. Thanks to the use of a secured network, we can protect ourselves against the negative consequences of dealing with the most important matters by an unsecured network. You always have to be careful, and the current global digitization should make us aware that online threats are real threats that are worth being prepared for in order to avoid or minimize losses. Therefore, let’s check the options available to secure ourselves and our loved ones on the network, using VPN connections that are easily configurable, regardless of what operating system we operate on.

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