Thunderbird 102 arrives with a new address book and support for Matrix

Thunderbird 102 arrives with a new address book and support for Matrix

Thunderbird 102 is already among us to continue the development and evolution of the veteran and well-known Mozilla mail client, which this time comes with interface improvements, a new address book and support for the decentralized Matrix protocol.

We start with the most outstanding novelty, the new address book, which has been totally redesigned to implement an important modernization at the interface level. From now on, it will offer a clearer visual presentation and will put additional information fields on the screen in order to offer more precise contact information. It also supports vCard specifications, an industry standard for saving contact data, and can act as a comprehensive launch pad for sending messages or creating new events with each contact.

Thunderbird Address Book 102

The other great novelty of Thunderbird 102 is the incorporation of a space toolbar that provides quick and easy access to the main activities carried out with the application. With a single click it is possible to switch between the email section, the address book, the calendar, the tasks, the chat conversations and the installed plugins that act at the same level. To all this is added the customization so that the user adjusts it to their preferences.

Thunderbird Spaces Toolbar 102

The import and export tool is another new addition to the mail client. Previously this feature had to be incorporated through extensions, but the developer team has worked hard to make it an official feature once and for all. Import supports settings from other installations of Thunderbird, SeaMonkey, Becky! Internet Mail and from a file. In addition, it is capable of taking precautions to avoid duplicate data.

Mechanism of import and export of Thunderbird 102

The headers of the email messages have been redesigned in order for the user to focus on what is important while highlighting the most relevant data of the conversation. They are also easier to navigate and allow you to star messages and turn them into tasks or calendar events.

Message header in Thunderbird 102

And finally we have support for Matrix, the well-known open source and decentralized communications protocol used and supported by companies like Purism. Matrix is ​​capable of supporting text conversations, VoIP and file transfers using end-to-end encryption, thus improving the confidentiality of communications.

And these are the highlights of Thunderbird 102. Those who want to know all the details have the official announcement and release notes at their disposal , while the application is available for Linux, Windows and macOS from the official website . For now it has not reached Flathub (Flatpak) or the Snap Store .

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