Top 5 Best Linux Distros for Programmers And Developers

Best Linux Distributions for Programming

Linux is a very popular operating system among programmers. There are numerous reasons why programmers and other tech-enthusiasts prefer using Linux-based operating systems rather than Windows or Mac. With the many Linux distros available, which ones are the best for programmers in 2021?

We cannot ignore the fact that some Linux distros are ideal for programmers while others are not. Some of the key issues that you should look at when choosing a Linux distro for programming include stability, compatibility, flexibility and even power.

Are you a programmer? Are you looking for the best Linux-based operating system to use? Here are the best Linux distros for programmers.

Linux Distros for Programmers In 2021

1. Debian Linux 11

Debian Linux for programmers

Many refer to it as the mother operating system of other Linux distros. Debian and Debian downstream are two major distros that dominate most talks about the best Linux distros for programmers. Of course, there are strong reasons for its popularity.

Debian comes with numerous packages, all of which are optimized for stability. To make things simpler, there are tutorials on how to use these packages. Using them won’t be a problem. This Linux distro also comes with a Debian testing branch which is highly stable.

Debian is an ideal distro for system programmers and advanced programmers. It may not be a perfect choice for someone who is just getting into programming.

2.Ubuntu 21.10

Ubuntu is another popular Linux distro both inside and outside the programming arena. Its open source community is one of the reasons behind its popularity. This has allowed it to be continuously built and optimized to meet the latest needs of the developers.

Given that Ubuntu is derived from Debian, the distro is usually used for major applications such as cloud computing. Also, most servers run on Ubuntu.

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The good thing about Ubuntu is it comes with an array of packages to meet different needs of developers. Ubuntu enjoys a large user community and you can easily get any help whenever you get stuck. The distro has an independent Software Center which houses lots of applications that you can use to customizing the operating system to meet your specific programming needs.

3. Fedora 35

Fedora is an open source Linux distro that is powered by Red Hat Inc. We all know that Red Hat is known for sponsoring some of the best features in the Linux environment. In fact, most Linux distros struggle to release packages that can match the Red Hat standards.

Fedora automatically configures and updates itself. This makes it an ideal distro for system programming. New updates are usually released after every 6 months. It is also easy to upgrade from one version of Fedora to another.

Fedora is a perfect choice for someone who is deep into open source programming and love open source distros. Since it is stable, it is an ideal Linux distro for programming.

4. Raspbian

Raspbian OS is another powerful Linux distro that programmers can use in 2021. The OS is specifically customized for beginners. It allows programmers to handle programming tasks with ease.

Raspbian OS comes with different tools for programming. They include Geany, Greenfoot, Mathematica, BlueJ Scratch, Node-RED, Python among others. All these tools will streamline your learning process.

5. Arch Linux

Arch Linux is among the best Linux distros for programming that you can use in 2021. It is loved by most die-hard Linux enthusiasts. One of the reasons behind the massive popularity of this distro is it comes with a package manager and Linux kernel.

When using Arch Linux to program, you will have to follow a step by step process. You will need to choose the required components, build the operating system and then customize it. You don’t have to worry about anything as there is a large Arch community that will always be ready to give you the much-needed help.

The good thing about this Linux distro is you only need to install it once. From there, you will be only making monthly updates.

So, what’s your opinion on this list of best Linux distros for programmers and developers in 2021? Which one do you think can work effectively for you? Feel free to share in the comment section.

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