Ubuntu 22.10 Beta warms up with the latest from GNOME and PipeWire

Ubuntu 22.10 Beta warms up with the latest from GNOME and PipeWire

Canonical has  announced the release  of  Ubuntu 22.10 Beta , the next version of the distribution in which we will find striking new features, even though it is not an important version due to its ‘intermediate’ nature and its meager support of just nine months.

In any case, while for most users the recommendation is the recent Ubuntu 22.04 LTS, specifically  Ubuntu 22.04.1 LTS , the first maintenance version of the new LTS, the most enthusiastic users will surely make the leap to Ubuntu 22.10, although there are noteworthy changes, yes, but they are the fewest.

Ubuntu 22.10 codenamed  Kinetic Kudu  is, in fact, a restrained release, without major news beyond the usual updates, although there are some. For example, as far as base components of the system are concerned, such as the  Linux 5.19  or  Mesa 22 kernel , from which the next Ubuntu 22.04.2 will be fed, more or less around February of next year.

Another update that reinforces the attractiveness of Ubuntu 22.10 is that of  GNOME 43 , the latest version of the desktop environment, including in this change the classic Gedit text editor for the new GNOME “Text Editor”, which is basically the same , but with a renewed code. However, Gedit (the new text editor doesn’t have all the options or plugins of Gedit) can still be found in the repositories.

But without a doubt the most striking novelty of Ubuntu 22.10 is to have  PipeWire as the default audio server , instead of PulseAudio, so Ubuntu users will no longer have to do anything to use the new standard for the multimedia routing and channel processing, or the future of sound and screen capture in Linux .

Another notable novelty of Ubuntu 22.10 will be the incorporation of  Ubuntu Unity as an official flavor , after being  approved as such  earlier this month. It will make its debut in partnership with  Unity 7.6  at the helm. The rest of the flavors will bring their own news: Kubuntu will arrive with KDE Plasma 5.25, Xubuntu with the latest XFce 4.16, Lubuntu with LXQt 1.1…

Ubuntu 22.10 has a release date of next  Thursday, October 20 , but if you want to go ahead and take a look at it to see everything with time and detail, then you have the download images:

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