Ubuntu 22.10 will replace GEdit with the new GNOME text editor

The Ubuntu 22.10 development repository has changed the default text editor. Instead of GEdit, users are offered a new text editor “GNOME Text Editor”, implemented using GTK 4 and the libadwaita library, which offers ready-made widgets and objects for building applications that comply with the new GNOME HIG (Human Interface Guidelines) and can adapt responsively to screens of any size . The previously proposed GEdit editor will remain available for installation from the universe repository (a package in flatpak format can also be used for review).

GNOME Text Editor is similar in functionality and interface to GEdit, the new editor also offers a set of basic text file editing features, syntax highlighting, a document mini-map, and a tabbed interface. Of the features, support for a dark theme and the ability to automatically save changes to protect against loss of work as a result of a crash stand out. In Ubuntu 22.04, the new editor can be tested by installing the gnome-text-editor package.

Ubuntu 22.10 will replace GEdit with the new GNOME text editor

The reason for the transition is: stricter compliance with GNOME style guidelines, transition to the new GNOME technology stack (GTK4 and libadwaita), full support for the dark theme, integration into the main composition of many popular features implemented in GEdit in the form of plugins (new editor does not support plugins).

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