Linux Apps: Ventoy now available with GUI

Linux Apps: Ventoy now with GUI

Ventoy 1.0.52 update now available with GUI on Linux, Ventoy is an open source tool for creating bootable USB drives. It was originally released as a command line program. A web UI was introduced later in March this year, but it wasn’t really functional or easy to use. These days the developers have announced the first version of Ventoy with a native Linux GUI.

Linux Apps: Ventoy now available with GUI

Ventoy can be used to create a bootable and permanent drive that can even contain more than one distribution at a time. The tool is very easy to use. Install it on a USB drive and then copy the ISO image to that drive. The USB drive does not need to be formatted and you can copy as many ISO files as you want. Then a list of the existing ISOs is displayed so that you can boot the preferred one.

Since the USB drive does not have to be formatted, it can still be used for other purposes: for example, data can still be copied to it without affecting Ventoy. Ventoy provides Legacy and UEFI Secure Boot support, supports ISO files larger than 4GB, and can be updated without reformatting the USB device.

With the new version 1.0.52, the tool goes one step further and now offers a comfortable graphical user interface, similar to the one available for Windows. The new user interface allows the USB device to be selected and shows the current version of Ventoy and the version of Ventoy installed on the USB drive. The GUI offers several options:

  • Enable Secure Boot support
  • Select partition type (MBR or GPT)
  • Define partition settings
  • Remove the Ventoy from the USB device
  • User interface language

On the homepage of the project how to Ventoy explains installed .



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