Vulkan 1.1 Graphics API Certified for Raspberry Pi 4

Raspberry Pi developers announced a certification Khronos organization v3dv graphics driver that has successfully passed more than 100 thousand tests from a set of CTS (Kronos Conformance Test Suite) and is recognized as fully compliant with the specification Vulkan 1.1 .

The driver is certified using the Broadcom BCM2711 chip used in the Raspberry Pi 4, Raspberry Pi 400 and Compute Module 4 boards. Verification was performed on a Raspberry Pi 4 board with a Raspberry Pi OS distribution based on Linux kernel 5.10.63, Mesa 21.3.0 and X -server. Obtaining the certification allows you to officially declare compatibility with graphics standards and use the associated Khronos trademarks.

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In addition to Vulkan 1.1, the v3dv driver also added support for geometry shaders and non-spec Vulkan extensions. Improved support for the RenderDoc 3D debugger and the GFXReconstruct tracer . In addition, the OpenGL and Vulkan drivers have significantly improved the performance of the code generated by the shader compiler, which has a positive effect on the speed of programs that actively use shaders, for example, games based on the Unreal Engine 4. The graph below shows the performance gain of some games as a percentage:

Vulkan 1.1 Graphics API Certified for Raspberry Pi 4

All noted changes in the v3dv driver have already been accepted into the main structure of the Mesa project and will soon become available in the Raspberry Pi OS distribution. Driver v3dv limited support for graphics accelerator VideoCore VI, apply from the Raspberry Pi model 4. For older boards separately developing driver RPi-the VK-Driver , which implements a subset of the API Vulkan, as the GPU VideoCore features comes in fees to the Raspberry Pi 4 not enough to fully implement the Vulkan API.

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