Windows games crashing on Linux? Try these tricks & tips

Although they are not as common on Linux-based computers as they are on Windows, little by little games are coming to these open source systems . In fact, the titles available here are becoming more and more common, but at the same time they are not exempt from certain problems that can arise. For example, we can experience the always unpleasant crashes when we are playing with one.

Whether natively using certain applications such as Wine or PlayOnLinux , the truth is that the number of players who use a Linux computer for their favorite video games is increasing. This is something that we have been doing on a regular basis and over the last few years on a Windows-based PC. However, thanks to the fact that Linux is gradually spreading to a greater number of users, they also want to play here.

The developers of these games are fully aware of all this, so they also start preparing their versions for the open source system. But we must also keep in mind that no operating system is perfect, and the applications we run can have problems. Whether due to the system itself, the development of the program, or even the user, we can experience crashes and crashes when playing . The reasons for all this can be very varied, as is the case in the Redmond system.

But as usual in most of the problems that we find with current software, these can be solved in some way. Therefore, it is best not to despair if, for example, our games crash on Linux .

What do I do if my games crash when running them on Linux

In the event that we find ourselves up to this unpleasant event when we try to run a game in some distro, we can try to solve it at that moment. That is why we will give you a series of tips below that could help you continue playing or at least regain control over the operating system.

Windows games crashing on Linux?  Try these tricks & tips
  • Free up RAM memory on Linux : sometimes we can find that the general RAM memory consumption of the computer is excessive. This can cause games to crash. The most recommended thing in this case is to close other applications that we are not using to free up memory and be able to play without problems or crashes.
  • Uninstall recently installed software : Certain failures related to compatibility between applications can also occur. If we had previously played with this title without problems and after installing some software they have started the same, we should try to uninstall those recent programs.
  • Undo changes in the system configuration : we could say something similar in the event that we have made some changes in the configuration of Linux itself and these failures have started. At this point we should undo those modifications and try to see if the crashes when playing have been resolved.
  • Update graphics drivers : Especially the latest titles require enormous GPU. That is why, if we are faced with these blockages, we must update the graphics drivers or install the proprietary ones.
  • Change Wine settings : Before we talked about Wine that allows us to run Windows applications on Linux. Therefore, if we are using this platform to run a game native to the Microsoft system, and we have problems, we should try to configure the aforementioned program correctly.

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