Wine Staging 7.8 Released with Improved Alt+Tab Handling for Unity Games

Wine Staging 7.8 Released with Improved Alt+Tab Handling for Unity Games

published release of the Wine Staging 7.8 , within which extended builds of Wine are formed, including patches that are not fully ready or risky, not yet suitable for acceptance into the main Wine branch. Compared to Wine, Wine Staging provides 550 additional patches.

codebase Wine 7.8. 3 patches related to the processing of key states and the refinement of the get/set_key_state functions have been transferred to the main Wine package. updated Four patches : winex11-_NET_ACTIVE_WINDOW , user32-Mouse_Message_Hwnd , user32-rawinput-mouse and api-iteration-tokens .

A patch has to improve the handling of window focus switching, for example, when using the Alt + Tab keyboard shortcut, in games based on the Unity game engine. The problem with changing focus in games on the Unity engine observed since Wine version 4.20 due to the fact that the OnApplicationFocus and OnApplicationPause events that call focus change and application pause handlers were not generated by the Unity engine after restoring focus on the window, for example, after switching to Alt+Tab. A patch that solves the problem was proposed back in November 2019 and implements the sending of the WM_NCPOINTERUP in the code of the function responsible for setting the active window. Sending this message is enough for the Unity engine to fire the OnApplicationFocus and OnApplicationPause handlers.

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