Wine-Wayland 7.7 Released

Wine-Wayland 7.7 Released

Wine-wayland 7.7 Released, which develops a set of patches and the winewayland.drv driver, allowing you to use Wine in environments based on the Wayland protocol, without using XWayland and X11 components. Provides the ability to run games and applications that use the Vulkan graphics API and Direct3D 9/11/12. Direct3D support is implemented using the DXVK , which translates calls to the Vulkan API. The kit also includes patches and ” fsync ” to increase the performance of multi-threaded games, and code to support AMD’s FSR (FidelityFX Super Resolution) technology to reduce image quality loss when upscaling on high resolution screens. The new release is notable for syncing with the Wine 7.7 codebase and updating DXVK and VKD3D-Proton versions.

Cisco has released a free antivirus package, ClamAV 0.105

For developers of Wine-wayland distributions, it may be interesting to be able to provide a pure Wayland environment with support for running Windows applications, eliminating the need for the user to install packages related to X11. On Wayland-based systems, the Wine-wayland package allows you to achieve higher performance and responsiveness of games by eliminating unnecessary layers. In addition, the use of Wayland makes it possible to get rid of the security problems inherent X11 (for example, untrusted X11 games can spy on other applications – the X11 protocol allows access to all input events and perform fake keystroke substitution).

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