Can I use NVIDIA GeForce Experience software on Ubuntu?

Can I use NVIDIA GeForce Experience software on Ubuntu?

One of the world’s leading graphics manufacturers is NVIDIA . It puts at our disposal a good number of hardware products to meet the needs of most users around the world. But not only do we have to thank its physical components, but at the software level we also have good solutions.

As with most of the hardware elements that we install on our PC, they need some type of software support to function correctly. Generally, here we refer to the drivers that we install in the operating system and that help to communicate both elements. A sound card , mouse, printer or webcam will always work better with a correctly updated driver and if it is from its manufacturer, the better.

This is something that is especially important in current GPUs , such as what happens with those offered by NVIDIA. Hence precisely that the firm itself has to take care of this software section as it does with its hardware section. What is striking here is that, in order to optimize the operation of this component, the company not only offers us drivers that it updates periodically. In the same way, install or we can download our own tool called GeForce Experience .

It is more than likely that many of you have come across it automatically installed on your computer if you have a card from this manufacturer. In the event that you do not really know what this application does, it is worth mentioning that in certain circumstances it will be very useful to us. It must be said that we can install this tool without any problem on our Windows-based computers .

Can I use NVIDIA GeForce Experience software on Ubuntu?

Download and install NVIDIA GeForce Experience on Ubuntu

But it is also true that the Linux community is gradually growing in terms of running games on PC. Little by little technology and with the help of various specialized tools, compatibility with most titles is reaching open source systems. This is something that, as it could not be otherwise, is especially evident in Ubuntu . We tell you this because when we talk about this particular distribution, we are referring to one of the most beloved in the world.

Precisely for all this, many Ubuntu users may wonder about the possibility of downloading and installing NVIDIA GeForce Experience on their computers. The first thing we will tell you in this regard is that many Linux users have been asking NVIDIA for this development for years. However, we currently do not have the ability to install GeForce Experience on an Ubuntu based machine . Obviously it is not ruled out that this could become real in the near future, but at the moment we do not have that possibility.

Without a doubt, it would be greatly appreciated by the community, since this is a program that is in charge of automatically optimizing the operation of applications and games. The tool detects by itself those programs or video games that we have installed and that require the use of the NVIDIA card to configure its execution in the optimal way. Hence, the current importance of Windows and the desire of many to reach Linux distributions like Ubuntu.

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