Debian 11.1 Bullseye and 10.11 Buster Available

Debian 11.1 Bullseye and 10.11 Buster available

Responsible for Debian has announced the release of version 10.11 and 11.1 Bullseye Buster , who come to be the latest releases of the branches stable old and stable respectively. As expected, we find the application of patches that have accumulated since previous releases in order to avoid carrying out a “heavy” update just after completing the installation.

Debian stable releases have a watertight software suite that is rarely modified during the lifetime of the system, so 11.1 Bullseye stands out for patches to fix both software and security bugs . Among the security flaws corrected, we find one that allowed arbitrary code execution (CVE-2021-38173) and another the “input validation is missing in host names returned by DNS servers” (CVE-2021-3672 ).

As for the kernel, which we remember that Bullseye is Linux 5.10 , corrections have arrived for the Radeon drivers (the old Open Source for AMD Radeon graphics), AMDGPU (the “new” for AMD Radeon graphics) and Nouveau (the free one for graphics from NVIDIA). This is in addition to the fixes applied to the Realtek sound chips built into various HP notebook models.

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From Debian 10.11 Buster highlights the removal of a large number of components and modules related to kernels 4.19.0-16 and earlier because they are already compiled by Linux. This should not lead to any loss of performance and features, as the current Buster kernel is version 4.19.0-18 . For the rest, there are also patches and changes applied to correct software and security flaws, among which the incorporation of new versions of Intel’s microcodes stands out.

Those who want to know all the details of these releases can consult the Bullseye 11.1 and Buster 10.11 changelists published by Debian. We leave you with the links to download both the current stable and the old stable of the distribution, although if a Radeon graphics is used it would be advisable to take a look at the non-free images to guarantee the boot of the live media or the system itself after installation:

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