Linux Mint 20.3 will come at the end of the year

Linux Mint 20.3 will come at the end of the year

The developers of the Linux Mint distribution published another of their summary reports on the development of the last month, in which they presented some interesting news, the completion of the project website or progress in their efforts to improve the design of the user environment. One of the good news is the announcement of the planned release date of Linux Mint 20.3 or preparations for the completion of LMDE 5.

The new version of Linux Mint 20.3, codenamed Una, should be released later this year, more specifically around the Christmas holidays. As always, this version will offer its users a choice of three desktop environments Cinnamon, MATE and Xfce, including the necessary software package updates and other development news since the release of the last stable version. An edition of LMDE 5 is also being prepared, which will be based on the Debian 11 distribution with the Cinnamon desktop environment. Once again, users can expect new LMDE installation images for both amd64 and i386 processor architectures.

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The previous month also brought several changes to the Mint-Y theme. The window’s headers have been slightly enlarged and its edges more rounded, which could help make it easier to work with windows even at higher screen resolutions. The color contrast between the environment elements and the content has also been re-adjusted. Similarly, developers have been able to resolve most of the issues with the dark Mint-Y alternative and various window managers. Users will be able to choose a dark or light look for specific applications as needed, regardless of system settings. Linux Mint 20.3 will also offer users a package mint-themes-legacy in case they prefer Minta’s current look.

The last good news is also the completion of the new website of this distribution and its expansion with current information. Although it took longer to prepare than originally planned, with the help of a community of users, it was still completed relatively quickly, and now developers can devote themselves fully to upcoming Linux Mint updates.

The full summary report on the development of Linux Mint for the previous month was published on the blog distribution .

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