Fedora 35 Available to Download and Upgrade with GNOME 41

Fedora 35 Available to Download and Upgrade with GNOME 41

Fedora 35 Available to Download and Upgrade with GNOME 41, The release of the new stable version of the Fedora 35 distribution finally came after delays two weeks later. Also thanks to additional tests, Fedora Server 35 and Fedora Workstation 35 should have good enough stability, taking into account the large number of changes, updates and news in this release.

Fedora 35 Available to Download and Upgrade with GNOME 41

Fedora 35 offers its users the latest version of the GNOME 41 desktop environment with better integration of the Flathub repository in the GNOME Software Package Manager or the new GNOME Connections remote desktop connection application. At the same time, GNOME 41 introduced advanced mobile connection settings that could help users on laptops or other portable devices, as did Fedora’s new power-profiles-daemon, which allows them to choose between energy or performance savings profiles.

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The Linux kernel has been updated to version 5.14 in the new Fedora with the availability of the Mesa 21.2 3D graphics software library. Together with the new version of the drivers for Nvidia graphics cards, all these innovations could also help to improve the support and proper functioning of the available desktop environments on Wayland. The GCC 11 or LLVM 13 compiler collection has also been updated, including the GNU C Library 2.34. New are similarly new versions of RPM 4.17, Python 3.10 or PHP 8.0 and many more.

An expected change in Fedora 35 was a change in repository settings that allows third-party software package repositories to be automatically enabled as soon as they are added. LUKS encrypted disk partitions have been optimized with speed improvements through more precise sector size settings during system installation.

A list of all the new features in the new version of the Fedora 35 distribution has been published on the fedoraproject.org wiki, and installation images for all editions and supported processor architectures are now available for download at getfedora.org .

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