Nextcloud introduces Native Backup App

Nextcloud introduces Native Backup App

Joos Poortfliet from Nextcloud has given me the prospect of an eventful November. It started on November 1st. with the presentation of the beta version of the peer-to-peer app Nextcloud Backup, which is now available for testing.

This is good news for everyone who hosts a Nextcloud themselves, because this clientele previously had to create their data backup using third-party software. In the future, Nextcloud Backup will allow regular compressed, encrypted backups of your data on your Nextcloud server. The app, which is designed for ease of use, is delivered with Nextcloud 23 in a stable version.

What Nextcloud Backup does :

  • Store backups on a local drive, another Nextcloud server or on external storage using FTP, SMB, WebDAV or any other protocol supported by Nextcloud
  • Carry out manual and / or automatically configured, scheduled backups in any time window
  • Perform incremental or full backups in the background (this briefly activates maintenance mode while the snapshot is being taken)
  • Optionally, use compression and encryption that is activated by default
  • Write the encryption key and other configuration information to a file or the clipboard for safekeeping
  • Exclude folders from the backup by creating a .nobackup file
  • Optional control of backups and restores and other functions from the command line
Nextcloud introduces Native Backup App
Nextcloud introduces Native Backup App

Once the snapshot is taken, it is compressed, broken into 100MB pieces, and encrypted, a process that runs in the background but does not require maintenance mode. These are then saved on the intended backup system, be it locally or remotely. The final version is planned to coincide with the release of Nextcloud 23 later this year. The beta version can now be tested in the Nextcloud app store. Further details can be found in the documentation on GitHub.

Tomorrow there will be more news from Nextcloud, which is more intended for the enterprise sector.

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