Fedora 35: Release date, New features and Download

In this short post we are going to summarize the new features and updates expected in Fedora 35, expected for the end of next October.

Fedora 35: release dates and news

Fedora 35 will not introduce any particular news, it is a moderate release that mostly fixes bugs and updates some packages. At the moment, the latest internal tests are underway and, next week, more precisely on September 14, the beta should arrive. The fallback date in case of a problem is September 21st. Similarly, the final release will arrive on October 19th with fallback on October 26th in case of anomalies. Most of the features that I am going to outline in the rest of the article are practically definitive.


Fedora 35 workstation will have on board GNOME 41 , which I told you about in this article .

gnome 41 software

This is a quick summary:

  • Libadwaita arrives in GNOME with new functions on the UI side;
  • GNOME Software has been updated, the result is a more dynamic and engaging store than in the past;
  • New multitasking panel for GNOME Control Center ;
  • GNOME 40 introduced power profiles. Now the developers have decided to make them more accessible by placing them in the status menu by default;
  • The window manager Mutter has been partially rewritten and the source code cleaned up. The gestures have been refined and the transitions between the various workspaces are now smoother.

Fedora workstation will include Power Profile Daemons by default. You can now choose between performance and battery life from the UI.

Desktop Updated Apps

Aside from GNOME and KDE Plasma, the desktop environment versions remain unchanged from Fedora 34:

  • KDE Plasma 5.23
  • GNOME 41
  • Xfce 4.16
  • LXQT 0.17
  • MATE 1.24

Several applications will be updated, on board we will find:

  • Binutils 2.36
  • gcc 11
  • glibc 2.34
  • binutils 2.37
  • gdb 10.2
  • Perl 5.34
  • Node.js 16.x
  • Python 3.10
  • RPM 4.17
  • PHP 8.0

The PipeWire session manager is now managed by WirePlumber manager, developed by Collabora. Instead, Python 3.5, which has been in EOL since September 2020, will be permanently removed.

Fedora Kinoite

In the title of the article I spoke of curiosity. Parallel to Fedora 35 we will have the first release of Fedora Kinoite . The name derives from that of a blue mineral found in the Santa Rita Mountains and Arizona. In fact, Kinoite will be a variant of Silverblue but based on KDE and not GNOME. The technology will be the same as in Silverblue:

  • rpm-ostree will be the core packaging system
  • Flatpak will allow you to install apps that are isolated from the rest of the system
  • Podman will allow you to manage containers

To prove the good things done by the dev to date, I refer you to this official page of the project.

Download Fedora 34

You can try the pre-releases by downloading the images .iso from the official website:

  • Workstation (GNOME)
  • Spin (KDE, Xfce, LXQT, LXDE, i3 etc)
  • Altro (Kinoite, Silverblue, Cloud, Container)

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