GNOME 41 Beta Available to Download and Test

GNOME 41 Beta Available to Download

GNOME 41 Beta Available to Download and Test, I first reported about GNOME 41 in April , the last time a month ago with the presentation of possible innovations in the stable release planned for September 22nd. GNOME 40.4 was released last weekend, now followed by the beta for GNOME 41. The release of the beta version also freezes the strands for the UI, for new functions and for APIs, as can be read in the announcement .

New GNOME 41 Beta Human Interface Guidelines

As early as May, the publication of the new GNOME Human Interface Guidelines (HIG) indicated that with GTK 4 and the development of libhandy and its GTK4 port libadwaita, the design of applications for the platform would change. This includes functions for new widgets for tabs and drop-down lists, a new widget for placeholders and the new list and grid views from GTK 4. This is probably the biggest background change in GNOME 41, which was made by GNOME developer Adrien Plazas in his Blog was already outlined in detail in the spring.

Integrated SIP and VoIP calls

GNOME 41 is based on the recently released GTK 4.4. As usual, the new features include further improvements to Wayland. GDM enables Wayland sessions even if the login screen uses X.Org. The calendar application gets the long overdue support for reading ICS files. SIP accounts can be managed via a GUI, VoIP calls can be made directly via a new dialing app.

The Epiphany browser, which is only called Web in the GNOME naming scheme, blocks YouTube advertisements with the AdGuard script. Other improvements concern GNOME software, the GNOME Control Center, the file manager and GNOME Disks, which now uses LUKS2 for encrypted partitions.

Test in advance

If you want to test GNOME 41 Beta in advance, you can do so with the provided image , which is intended for virtual machines with UEFI support. The easiest way to do this is with GNOME Boxes , which is available as a Flatpak on Flathub.

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