Firefox 93 AVIF support

Firefox 93. AVIF support

The release of the Firefox 93 browser has taken place. Let’s consider the main changes in the new version.

AVIF format support

Added support for AV1 Image File Format – AVIF .

AVIF support has been in development for over four years. Experimental support first appeared in Firefox 86, but is only now stable and enabled by default.

The AVIF format supports transparency, animation, supports storing multiple images, and has good compression rates. AVIF is based on the AOMedia Video 1 (AV1) video codec.

What New in Firefox 93

  • The built-in PDF viewer now supports more PDF form formats. Support for XFA forms, which are often used by various government organizations and banks, has been implemented.
  • Added protection against downloading files over unsecured connections. Downloads over unsecured connections will be blocked.
  • For the version of the program for Windows, the processing of the lack of RAM is implemented. If Firefox starts to consume a large amount of RAM, the program will automatically unload the most “heavy” tabs, taking into account the time of the last access to them and some other parameters.
  • And other changes …

Firefox 93 Download

Date of release:October 5, 2021
Previous release:92 September 7, 2021 ( download )

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